What is the Best Invoicing Software for Small Business?

By July 16, 2020 No Comments

Online invoicing software can be used to create professional invoices for sending to the customers but it is more than just creating invoices to send. The best invoicing software must be very easy to use and it must allow users to customize invoices and send the invoices to customers fastly via email. The software must be able to keep track of all the invoices sent or to be sent on time.

Currently, the best invoicing software in the market is Inji software. It allows users to create invoices with their brand names on them and 100+ template options are available for the users to choose from to give a personal touch to the invoices. Users can print and download invoices in pdf format in just one click. The software also sends automated reminders for payments to the customers and graphical invoice reports are generated with information on all the invoices created in a particular period.

The Invoicing system is just a part of the Inji software. It is an all in one business management software with features like CRM software, Bookkeeping System, Client Profile Management, Email Marketing, Task Management, HR System, Business Reports, etc. to help businesses ease their work and cut down manual work to a great extent with the best customer support team in case any help required. 

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