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 Best Business Software making use of the most important and advanced modules which will help a small business develop.

Let us look at the most important features a small business software must have in order to make it the best.

Take your business to the next level with the help of best CRM Software features.

Features of Best CRM for Small Business Software

Invoice for Salesforce tool

Salesforce tools provides several ways of billing in which it also makes use of the invoices for details such as the balance, due date, and payment status.

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Payment System

The best CRM Software provides the core feature of accounting like general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable etc. and also budgeting.

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Vendor Management

The Best CRM System provides measures for controlling cost, reducing potential risks, deriving value from vendors in the long run etc.

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Manages Profit in Small Business CRM Software

Manages the Profits earned by the business by developing strategies to increase the revenues and thereby reducing costs.

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Generates Task Report

Keeps a track on the every single task of the employee. It generates best CRM reports accurately and updates the progress from time to time.

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Notification Alerts

Manages to provide timely notifications of the updates related to the sale, order, delivery, business, software etc.

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Email Marketing

It is a part of Sales CRM strategy which targets the mass group of people by sending out Emails to the customers and the leads in order to drive sales, increase customer loyalty and also for communicating information.

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Lead Flow Reports

Generates reports pertaining to employee performance, lead, profit, expenses, etc in order to measure the efficiency and the health of the business.

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Availability Status in CRM for small Business

Small Business CRM Software schedules the appointment at the earliest slot available and maintains proper record. Manages the date and time scheduled for the client with automated reminders.

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Invoicing Software for Small Business Application

It forms an easy process for the business in making the invoice customization according to the customer. You can customize upto 20+ options such as

  • add or remove quantity
  • product or service details
  • tax
  • hourly rate
  • more details
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Appointment Fixing in Best Small Business Management Software

The Invoicing Software helps in easily managing the appointments. They help in maintaining a record of the availability and the free slots. It ensures that no appointments timings are overlapped and also a reminder is sent to the customer about their meeting.

  • Customer name
  • Customer email id
  • Customer contact number
  • Appointment time
  • Reason for appointment
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HR System in Small Business Software

The Best Small Business Software manages and store all your human resource related tasks efficiently with online CRM HR system. It performs the following

  • Records of all your Employees
  • Employee Attendance
  • Manages salaries effectively
  • Manages Recruitments, etc.
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Simple Lead Management Software

The Lead Management Software performs the following functions and keeps it simple.

  • Generate all the leads captured from your website pages and other platforms.
  • Make sure you pursue the right leads and convert them into business deals.
  • Increase the conversion rate with the right leads.
  • Store and Generate Unlimited Leads.
  • Track all the lead Follow-ups.
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Sales Automation in Best Small Business Software

This is a platform where in the sales agent follows up the customer in a timely manner. It keeps in increasing the sales conversion.

  • Order processing
  • Information sharing
  • Inventory monitoring and control
  • Order tracking
  • Customer management
  • Sales forecast analysis
  • Employee performance evaluation.
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Cloud Accounting Software

Best Accounting Software manages to keep all the business payments in one place. It also keeps a check on the expenses of the business to avoid unwanted expenditure. Make use of the CRM accounting tools like email reminders, notifications in order to keep all the payments on time.

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Best Small Business Software for Customer Relationship Management

Do you own a small business? Are you looking for the best CRM software for your business? If yes, then you are in the right place. The first thing any business needs is customers. It is not just having customers but managing them which is of utmost priority. The business should always focus on customer satisfaction. When this happens then all the good things for the customer will follow. To make sure customers are managed well and kept satisfied all the time, the business must have the best CRM software.

What is CRM software? CRM(customer relationship management) is making use of the strategies and practices along with technology in order to know the customer and their interactions. This simple CRM software is for the sole purpose of increasing sales, provision of the required services, and building a healthy customer relationship. The CRM software in the present generation helps the business to catch up with the pace. The faster the business responds to the leads and the better they interact with the customer higher are the chances of the customer showing interest. It should be an efficient salesforce tool which helps in making better decision making and brings the customers closer to the business.

What features should the best CRM software for business have?

Among the many features which are available in CRM’s the best ones are :

  1. 100% automation

This means Automate Leads, customer follow-up reminder, payment reminder, Tasks & much more. It cuts down all your manual work up to 70%. When the work is done automatically it increases the efficiency of the business.

  1. CRM Leads

The CRM software makes the business know which person has checked the website. The CRM leads helps the business in tracking and reaching out to the customer. The needs of the customer can be understood and the necessary help can be provided. The faster the customer is made completely aware of the particular need the better he/she would show intent in their business. This tracking helps the business in making offers and suggestions to the customer.

  1. Small business application for Invoicing

This also is invoicing software for small businesses. It is basically a list of goods sent or services provided, with a statement of the sum due for these. The CRM software would help them create their own invoice. The software creates itineraries according to the services needed by the customer. The provision to customize helps in driving the customer’s interest.

  1. Order/Delivery Management

The free accounting software for small business helps in managing the orders and the deliveries. It records the information when a product in ordered. It also sets the time when the order has to be delivered. The time is well managed by the CRM software and eases the work.

  1. Client Management

Data is the most important tool for any company. The advantage is not having countless amounts of data. The data should be arranged in a systematic manner and managed in order to work quickly. Suppose if the customer calls the second time to enquire about the updates, the business should be in a state of giving the information to the customer. The contacts, requirements, etc of the customer must be managed so that they feel the business is reliable.

  1. Payments

This is one factor that the customer is concerned about the most. This might happen after he/she supposedly likes the business or the product. With the number of security issues arising the customer would want their payments to be made safely and swiftly. The CRM should be able to manage the payments in a single place and in a secure manner. It should also be able to track every payment and keep the customer updated about the due dates.

  1. CRM Reports

This is the best accounting software for small business. This software will be able to analyse efficiency. It generates reports regarding the sales made by the employees. This would help in knowing how efficient the employee is in converting the lead. The reports would help in identifying the areas of strengths and the areas to be improved.  This is a bookkeeping software for small businesses. It would also help the business rectify certain aspects. Thus, report generation will help the business to review and improve.

  1. Feedback management

What if a customer does not like a product or wants a change? Thankfully, we live in a generation where there is two-way communication. It is not just the business providing the service but also the customer giving feedback on it. The best CRM should help the customer in providing their feedback for the business to work on. Customer satisfaction leads to customer retention will directly help in improving sales.

  1. Task tracking with software for small business

This basically is related to the business on how the functioning is done. The employees must be set up of a task by the manager. It might be the number of customers leads tracked, updating a customer via email, call the customer etc. These certainly help the employee work efficiently with reminders. When all the tasks can be tracked bit by bit it eases the work for an employee.

These features will not only help your business in achieving sales but also keep the customer satisfied. So if you are looking for CRM software that would help your business thrive then this would be helpful. And as told above that the Inji software makes use of the features which contribute in making the CRM the best which is available in the present generation. It is a client management software which helps in an equal balance of the employees work and the customers need. The price is just a mere USD 9/- only which also makes it cheaper to avail.

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