Best Small Business Software

The best CRM System helps your business grow with ease and without any hassle. Irrespective of the size of your business, the best CRM software will not only reduce your manual tasks, but will also improvise on managing your relationship with your customers

Take your business to the next BIG LEVEL with the best CRM for small business!!

Features of best CRM for small business.

100% Cloud-Based CRM

No Installation is needed for a cloud CRM integration. All you need is to sign up and take your business online. Manage your business from anywhere in the world.

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Lead Management

Identifying and tracking the leads at a faster pace plays an important role in making good sales. Manage all the leads in a single place by increasing the conversion rate with online Sales CRM.

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Order/Delivery Management in Best CRM Software

Manages the recording details such as name, date, location, etc of the order. Focuses on the timely delivery of the products to the customer

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Easy Task Management with Best CRM App

Get a simple and powerful task management system that helps in creating tasks automatically and manually within your team.

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HR Management in Best CRM Software

Manages the hiring, recruitment, performance etc of the employees. It automates the processes thereby reducing the time consumption and improves decision making.

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Feedback Management

The Best CRM Service manages in providing a feedback form to the customer after the provision of the product or services. It helps in reviewing business activities.

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Best Accounting System

Get an Online accounting software to record transactions, generate reports, manage customer and vendor contacts, create purchase orders, track stock levels, bill customers, and monitor account balances.

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Appointment Fixing

The top CRM Software should be quick enough to fix an appointment and schedule the activities the customers have enquired about, on time. It helps you to convert more sales.

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The best CRM software manages customer and supplier payments swiftly and securely. Updates customer about due dates and also tracks payments.

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Watch the Features of the best CRM software!!

Free Invoice App for Small Business CRM Software

Generate free invoices with 100+ templates which you can select based on the business needs. The Online Invoicing Software creates and customizes the invoice in preferred choices. It can easily access information to create and personalize the business to carry their brand.

  • Generate bulk invoices in one go.
  • Send invoices directly to the customer through email
  • Send payment reminders for overdue payments
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Order/Delivery Management in CRM for Small Business

The free CRM for small businesses helps in keeping a track of the customer’s order from knowing the name, location, date, contact number etc to organize the delivery of the product/service on time to the customer. A thorough check on the requirements is made. It is made sure that there is no delay in any of the process and no errors in the recordings of the order.

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HR Management in Best CRM for Small Business

The Best CRM for small businesses helps the business in hiring, recruitment, employee performance etc. You can get up-to speed with tasks, upcoming employee anniversaries, your time-off balance & more. Access all of your crucial metrics & data in one place by the use of reports. It automates the processes thereby reducing the time consumption and improves decision making

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Customer Review Management in CRM for Small Business

The small business CRM software automatically generates a feedback form after the customer is delivered to their product. This form is to review the quality of the product, service provided, any damages or delays, suggestions etc. This helps the business in managing the reviews and working on the customer based requirements.

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Best Accounting Software

This Online Accounting Software enables us to process customer payments, vendor payments etc. Manages the expenses and profits of the business which helps in maintaining the health of the business.

Generates reports of the vendor payments and customer payments with high accuracy.

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Accurate and Best CRM Reports

Tracks the leads, quotations, invoices, profit etc and maintains a detailed report about the status. It not only helps in the business tracking but also the employee tracking helping the business as a whole grow into an efficient one. Evaluates performance, attendance etc.

Reports are generated with accuracy which helps your company in making the best decisions

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Top 5 qualities of the best CRM software for small businesses.

Are you looking for a CRM software for your business? Are you wondering what should be the qualities that you must look for to buy the best CRM software? If your answer is yes. Then hop on and let us guide you through all that you need to know for purchasing the best CRM software.

1. Easy Integration

Look for a CRM software that allows you to import data from various sources like existing leads details, consumer feedback, etc. It should not require you to put a lot of work and spend your valuable time importing data manually. The CRM software should get you straight to the business right after the CRM implementation is done.

2. User-Friendly CRM

If a CRM system is hard to use, then even the best CRM software will be of no use. The main aim of the CRM system is to make your employees work easy, not hard by making them learn complicated things and waste their time. Thus, while looking for a CRM solution, ask questions like, is the CRM interface user friendly? Is it easy to navigate? Also, read reviews of the CRM software and ask register for a demo. So, that you can look for yourself how everything works.

3. Access Data with Best Software for Small Business

Accessibility of data is critical for every business as you may be required to access the CRM database at any time.

Imagine, you need to make some urgent, yet game-changing sales calls, or send a sales proposal, or quickly find a contact’s phone number or an e-mail, etc. when you are out of the office or on-the-go. And you miss this opportunity because of a lack of accessibility.

Here a cloud CRM or online CRM Software comes in handy to access the CRM database anytime and from anywhere around the world. Online CRM also has the advantage of unlimited storage capacity.

4. Features of Small Business CRM Software

Good features make a business process more efficient and help you save your time. Features like accounts management, task management, payments system, feedback management, CRM database management etc. are some of the basic and most important features that a Top CRM software must-have. So, keep an eye for these CRM features while looking for CRM software.

5. Right Investment

Cost is also an important criterion to look for before making a purchase. Most of the software available in the market offers a lot of features and charge a very high subscription fee for it.

But does that mean this CRM software really worth their price?

Well, the answer is no. For this, you must try the software first, decide on the features, its uses, and the post-sales support that the vendor will provide. Only after considering all this, you will be able to know the worth of the software. And then only you should decide to invest in the Best CRM software.

In short, if you are thinking of moving your business to the next level, then look for the qualities mentioned above in the best CRM software while purchasing it.

Inji CRM is one of the best Business Management software for small businesses available in the market. It’s 100% cloud-based, which makes it accessible at any time and anywhere, with no long-term commitment and no installation charge. Available at an affordable price of just $9 per month.

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