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Features of Best Online Quotation Software

New Invoice Creation

Allows creating clean and professional invoices that can be customized according to the brand needs. It allows the extraction and integration of information from projects, sheets, and customer records.

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Online Invoicing and Customer Records

Summarize customers personal details and purchase history, all related files in a single, centralized database with the search filters to make the accessing of the customer records easy.

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Credit card processing

The invoice CRM Application enables customers to save time and facilitate billing by the processing of credit cards promptly and secures customer management.

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Predefined Templates in Best Invoice System

Online Invoicing Software makes sure the bills and invoices look important along with their accuracy by providing professional and predefined communication templates.

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Multiple currencies in Online Invoice Software

Invoicing software issue receipts, accept payment and manage taxes of the different currencies and is useful for global operations.

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Receive/send information.

Allows in sending quotes to the customers quickly as there is a database where all the information is readily available.

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Easy Invoicing System

Online Invoice System helps users create professional invoices by adding your brand name which looks way better than the conventional ones.

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Automate Recurring Invoices

With Cloud-based Invoice Software, you can save the recurring invoices and avoid manual calculations and the creation of invoices.

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Send Invoices via Email

Using express Invoice software, send customized invoices to the clients quickly. Also, receive payments faster instead of the conventional payment method that delayed the transaction.

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Create and Customize Small Business Invoice

This Online Invoicing Software creates and customizes the invoice in preferred choices. 100+ invoice templates allowing you to create the best invoices for your customers. It can easily access information to create and personalize the business to carry their brand. Some of them are

  • Templates
  • Logo inclusion
  • Modify invoice elements
  • Transform estimates approved by clients
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Simple Accounting System

The best Accounting System does various accounting and bookkeeping tasks. It stores a business financial data, and is often used to perform business transactions. The best accounting software is always connected to the internet. It keeps the business updated with the unnecessary expenses being incurred and also to save funds in order to maintain profits. Sends automated timely reminders about the payments to be received from the customers and payments to the vendors.

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Best Invoice Management

It is also called as Invoice Processing. Best Invoice Management helps in managing and processing invoice documents from vendors and suppliers. It benefits accounting departments by eliminating the need for paper records, manual data entry, and mailing checks. The best invoice management tools also provide features of, or integrate with, other types of software, including billing software, procurement software, and accounting software. It performs the following process

  • Receive the Invoice
  • Extract the Invoice information
  • Validates the information
  • Verifies the information
  • Approves the payment
  • Notes down the payment in company records.
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Create Express Invoices for Small Business

Create the best professional invoices that represent your business and make it stand out from your competitors by using the Best Invoicing Application. It saves time and efforts and helps in creation of the invoice as required based on the customer.

  •  Add your brand name
  • Automate invoices and save time
  • Send invites via Email
  • Complete control over invoice creation
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How does Small Business Invoice Software benefit you?

Starting a business can be hectic and time-consuming. Whether you are a brick and mortar retailer, e-Commerce business owner or a freelancer, there are many activities involved that take up a huge amount of your time and money involved in running a business. A successful businessman, however, knows how to optimally use both time and money. Apart from that, customers’ satisfaction and providing seamless services also take the top priority when running a business.

There are many departments that require your attention as a business owner. However, one of the most critical ones is definitely billing. Invoice generation and sharing can become a tiresome task involving man-hours that can better be utilized in other activities.

Finding the best alternative to generation the invoices for you can be a difficult task. This can easily be sorted out along with taking care of all the involving activities, that too while saving you both time and money.

Read along to find out how adopting the online invoicing software can benefit your business.

  1. Time and Money

Generating paper bills individually, for all the transactions made takes up a lot of time, and of course paper. It’s time to become eco-friendly while improving your cash flow!!!

There still are businesses running around the world that generate paper-based bills, get them printed, send them to the customer through the mail, and incur the cost of mailing while facing the risk of the mail getting lost and never being delivered to the customer. All this and you need to keep track of the details of the bills corresponding to the customer.

The Best Invoice Application helps in making life easier. You can save all the hassle.

  • There is no time lost in generating the full detailed bill, looking up the customer, and storing the bill against the customer.
  • Bills are generated automatically, on time, and sent to the customer through email.
  • Choose the template that fits your business. There’s a wide variety of them available.

Online invoicing is here to save your time, money, and of course paper!

  1. Small Business Invoicing Software

The best part about Online Invoicing Software is that it is available anytime and anywhere. Whether you are traveling to a meeting or waiting for an appointment, you can generate the invoice on the go.

Moreover, you can access these bills whenever you want. Just log into your invoicing software and they are on your fingertips.

This will especially come in handy if you own an SME and want to access your records on the go.

  1. Tracking with best software for small business

  • Track your order: Right from placing the order, processing the order and the delivery, you can check the progress of the order whenever you want.
  • Track the payments: Whether there are payments to be made ore to be received, you can keep yourself updated regarding each and every transaction involved in your business.
  • Track the expenses: Your business runs on money. Keep track of the money spent on running the business. Make a report of the money spent and optimize the expenditure.
  • Track the report: The best invoice software will also help you with the business report, which will help you make informed decisions. Get a detailed analysis of all your ledger accounts, business details and check your profits and another business status with this free invoicing software with GST.
  1. Customer Management with the Best Invoice System 

Need a reminder to be sent to the customer for payment? Want to check if the order is delivered? The customer wants to pay online or through cheques? Well, you don’t need to fret over these little things.

You can mark the invoices of the customers who want to pay through cheque, you can send reminders to the customers who need to pay and much more. A single solution for all your requirements!

All the clutter of the invoices in the file of the customer is a thing of the past. This software helps you consolidate all the bills of the customer corresponding to his account.

This Best Invoice Application will help you with it and much more.

Final Word:

When you have all these features available, then it definitely is worth your investment in the CRM software system. For the small and budding business, the best free Invoice application is the Inji software which provides all the above features and additional ones too. The best CRM software price is generally based on factors like size, scope and requirements of the business but Inji software is available at a mere USD 9/- only. It is hands down the best CRM System which requires no setup cost, no installation and most importantly you can try the demo before the purchase.

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