Best CRM Software

CRM plays a significant role in the growth of a business and almost all businesses from small to large scale need to have the best CRM software for efficiently managing their customer data and interaction.

Take your business to the next level with the help of the best small business CRM features.

Features of Free CRM Software Tools

Lead Management in Free CRM Software

Free CRM Software can manage all leads in a single dashboard. Maintains all customer requirements, fix appointments, add call records and much more.

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Security of servers

Open Source CRM Software servers are not equally secure like the paid CRM software. They are costly to operate and maintain

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CRM Data Storage

The Free Online CRM gives limited data storage making it insufficient for the businesses to keep a record of all the information.

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Simple CRM Design.

Free CRM Software has a very simple design with fewer features available for a free subscription. Businesses have to pay to use the software with best-updated features.

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100+ Invoice Templates

The free online CRM software has over 100+ unique invoice templates which helps to create highly stunning and converting invoices for your invoices.

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Customize Quotation Format

The Free CRM system helps to create quotation more suitable for your logo and color theme. You can create the quotation in any format as per your choice.

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Balance Payment Reminder

With the Free CRM software you will never miss a balance payment from your customer. CRM software automatically sends before the due of the balance payment.

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CRM Integration

The free CRM softwares are easy to integrate with other softwares and applications. Because of this users will not have to waste time moving from one software to another.

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Flexible Tax Entry

Free CRM software allows you to add flexible tax system as per your country’s norms.

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Want to take your business to the NEXT BIG Level ?

Watch the advantages of the best small business CRM Software!!

CRM Tools for Lead Management Software

Free CRM for small business concentrates your business on the customer contact details and information.

  • Track Sales
  • Merge email address
  • Schedule meetings and appointments
  • Makes Conversation
  • Follow up management
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Send Quotations through Free CRM Program

This Best Free CRM Software not only helps in generating and tracking of the quotations but also helps in converting approved quotations into invoices and also records expenses that will be incurred in order to serve the client.

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Free Invoice Software

The No.1 Free CRM has the provision of generating invoices and sending them out to the customers based on the requirement. The Free Invoice Software offers unlimited invoicing which is completely free of charge. They offer complete customization of invoices and other features which you will see with a paid invoicing subscription.

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Efficient Free CRM Tools

The free CRM software vendors give you the software for free to install and use but these softwares are not completely free they usually have some or the other hidden costs. Generally, free softwares have updated paid software versions with additional features that the users will have to purchase to use.

Several services and paid plugins for free CRM software are required for better usage and functionality. But the No.1 Free CRM solves all these issues by providing the services indeed for free.

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Data Storage and Format in Free CRM Software

Data storage is one of the important things needed in the best CRM software. The free CRM software is not able to provide unlimited data storage and is actually expensive so they provide limited data which will not be sufficient as the business grows. The data format is also not flexible and has very less options. The business has to stick to the limited provisions available.

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Free CRM Reports

CRM lead reports can prove to be a game-changer for your business. You get all the information related to your lead flow and generation to easily find out where is the maximum number of leads coming from, how are the leads being worked on to convert them into business deals and reach out to the customer.

A paid CRM software gives you daily customized accurate reports but for a free CRM system, it will be a far fetched dream and no guarantee of accuracy.

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Free CRM Software for Business Management


CRM software is a great medium that helps the business in managing the needs of the customer. The outcomes by using the best CRM software would be to have a boost in sales, customer happiness, time-saving, etc. There is very few CRM software like Inji software that have these specified features. Let us see some of the features which would help in achieving excellent outcomes by using simple CRM solution.

Reduce human work :

No human would want their work to be doubled up or to be more taxing. People want their work to be eased up, which would end up saving their time. This is where the CRM comes into play. Firstly the CRM software system should be simple. It should provide the necessary details and the services which would make the customer relax. Secondly, the CRM software should be advanced and accessible. When he/she is assured that their work will be taken care of, they will definitely trust the business.

CRM System for Tracking Leads :

The software should make the business know which person has checked the website. This helps the business in tracking and reaching out to the customer. The needs of the customer can be understood to provide the necessary help. This drives the customer to show interest in the business in satisfying his/her particular need. The faster the customer is made entirely aware of the specific need, the better he/she would show intent in their contact. This tracking helps the business in making offers and suggestions to the customer. If the customer is satisfied, he/she will make the purchase.

Booking Management :

This is one aspect the customer would have their focus on. The booking process of the business should be precise and efficient. As they are unaware of the process, the customer would be interested in knowing it. The assurance of the booking being taken care of and the ease of cancellation would definitely make the customer feel interested. The time of the customer should be saved and everything should be as promised.

CRM Reports :

The software should be able to analyze the efficiency of the processes. It should be able to generate reports regarding the sales made by the employees. This would help in knowing how efficient the employee is in converting the lead. The information would help in identifying the areas of strengths and the areas to be improved. This will increase productivity. It would also help the business rectify certain aspects. Thus, report generation will help the company to review and improve its processes.

Free billing software:

This is one factor that the customer is concerned about the most. This might happen after he/she supposedly likes the business or the product. With the number of security issues arising, the customer would want their payments to be made safely and swiftly. The CRM software should be able to manage the monetary transactions in a single place and in a secure manner. It should also be able to track every payment and keep the customer updated about the due dates.

Best CRM Software for managing Clients Profile :

It is vital to keep a note of the details of our clients. It should be accessible without difficulty in saving time and effort. They should all be made available in one place. The data of the client should be updated as soon as the changes or activities are made. This will help the business to be in easy contact and sure of the details of the customer.

Feedback Management :

The most significant characteristic of the modern-day business is that it is two-way communication. It is not just delivering the services to the customer. It should also have the customer’s feedback taken to update the quality of service being provided. If the customer does not like something, they should be guaranteed the change in their problem. CRM software should be automated in such a way that it collects feedback from the customer. This would make the customer happy and be more interested in the business.

These are the core features that would help in achieving excellent outcomes by using the CRM software. The best CRM application which uses all these CRM features and also a lot of additional features is the Inji software. It does not just focus on being the best Sales CRM but also focuses on being the CRM application that focuses on customer satisfaction. It keeps the customer content by working on the feedback given. They have a well designed CRM website too with the same essential features making it easy to access from the desktops. This is the stand out among all because of the simple software being used. The best part of this application has been the idea of it being available for a rate of just $ 9/- only.

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