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The CRM software for every business category is available in the market. The question still remains which one would make my business reach greater heights? Well, certainly the most advanced software will help your company perform function better. The faster the software receives updates the better the results would be. In the fast growing technology world, it is very important to stay updated and ahead of the existing companies. The features in the CRM software should be in an advanced state automating most of the functions and reducing the human interaction and efforts. So, it is very important for the small business to find the most advanced software which will help the company develop and prosper into a bigger business.

Here are 6 of the most advanced CRM Software for small business

1. inji Software

This is the best CRM software we have come across after a major research on all the software. The inji Software is also a business management software which makes use of the best advanced features. These features are very quick to function and respond with an automated output. It makes sure the notifications, reminders, alerts are automated so that not a single detail or information is missed out on. Amongst all the features available let us look at some of the well equipped features and modules in the software.

The Invoice feature in this software lets the user make professional invoices by specifying their brand name and designing their logo to make the invoice look good. There are many format alternatives and options for the receipts. the invoices are made available to the customers and the invoices can be downloaded in PDF format too. The invoices can also be sent through email quickly and the online payments are also made accessible. The automated reminders and invoices are sent to the client in order to make sure they don’t miss out on any payment. This Invoicing software helps the user to have predefined expenses, convert quotes to invoices, send alerts and have reminders for overdue statements.

Accounting software in the inji software is the most advanced tool for your business. The first and foremost thing is that the software is flexible and highly functional. It offers multi-dimensional reporting features, meaning that your team can come up with reports that are customized according to your company’s needs and targets. Secondly it integrates billing and invoicing features with inventory management. Every software has different basic functions and almost all of them will offer basic billing, invoicing, and inventory management. But this software,has all of them integrated in one system helping you to cut a significant amount of time transferring or migrating data from one system to the other. It also identifies and prevents errors. It enables to easily connect with the stakeholders.


CRM Task management in the inji software manages everyday business tasks. It contains many tools such as automatic event reminders, checking employee availability, resource management, priority-based task tracking, and email notification of assigned tasks. It also helps in saving the time for logging the timesheets. Task management system also helps in assigning a task to another team or individual. Different task requires different method of management and if there are a couple of tasks to be managed, this CRM programs customize those tasks by priority. This results in improving the productivity, visibility and awareness of the entire business.

Human resource management is a crucial task for any business. inji software makes use of the best HR system which performs the best functions such as applicant tracking, performance management, scheduling and shift planning. These functions help in curbing the load on the HR manager and actively working on the information provided automatically by the software. It helps you manage your recruitment, salary management, attendance, leave management and many more making it an all purpose software for your HR needs.

2. Hubspot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a CRM software tool developed in USA which has functionalities includes company database, social media, drag-and-drop communicator, customized views & phone, website and email integration. You can get started with this software instantly and need not to modify your current workflow. This software gives the necessary basic features and does not disturb users with complicated links. For these reasons, it is proper for small and large size businesses in any industry. With HubSpot CRM, you can build a complete contact and company profiles as the program makes all data obtained from clients in touch with you. It gives a single dashboard that your group members can access to stay updated on business activities. One of the main benefits is you can connect this product to all the areas where you manage your sales process.

3. Freshsales

Freshsales is a single CMS that you can use to manage many leads. The product allows the standard tools of CRM solutions. The product have advanced features combine affiliate management, call recording, call routing and auto-dialers. The product not only takes leads but also supports you to verify and distribute them using various communication channels. Your sales representative can handle the email tracking to obtain whether their emails have been opened or not. Another benefit is you can follow previous discussions with your prospects and can use them to plan/prepare future communication.

4. Bpm’online CRM

Bpm’online CRM is a different tool because it consolidates customer data with business process management tools. With this software, you can organise the activities of your sales, marketing, and customer support. One of the highlights is the dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) implemented to support businesses maximize the software’s features and capabilities. The vendor allows separate modules for sales, marketing, and service. You can connect all three modules into one bundle and get a quote for it.

5. vCita CRM

vCita is a full cloud solution that makes you all the tools you need to control contacts, clients, and business process. It offers features for lead generation, email marketing, client management and collaboration. With this platform, you get functionalities to handle CRM, booking, marketing and appointments. These features make vCita an all-around software that is perfect for small size business and professional services providers. vCita CRM provides you one app for all your customer interactions. Data relating to your leads, contacts, and customers are saved in one secure cloud location that you can quickly access. vCita combines with over a dozen third-party apps.

6. amoCRM

amoCRM is a cloud-hosted, messaging-based CRM software which allows full combination with messaging apps so your salespeople can quickly respond to and control leads anytime from any location. It comes with an automated digital feature that clarifies important processes including lead performance tracking, sales analytics and email integration. You get an overall look of your whole sales process, enabling you to keep tab of sales health and your group to concentrate on sales targets. amoCRM is able to connect all your communication tools and channels, allowing your salespeople to use the tools they need at any time. All communications and history of contact engagements are saved in a centralized feed for easy analyzing.

Final Word:

This is our review on the top 6 advanced CRM software for the small business. Analysis of all the CRM software has ensured us that the inji software is the best and advanced software which provides high end features and modules. These are something which will definitely help the small business find solutions and overcome the drawbacks being faced. The mere price of the software being made available @ USD 49 per month for 3 users is much more interesting and affordable for any business. If you are a small business looking out for a CRM software then inji software is the one. Check out the demo and sign up to take your business to the next level.

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